FM Radio

Picture of the FG Logo Picture of the transmitter equipment Picture of the FG antenna

Christian radio from Marton for Marton.

We're currently broadcasting 24-hours on 88.3 FM. You should be able to hear us throughout Marton and almost out to the two main highways with a good radio. Do tune in and listen, and let us know how you find our signal and our program.

Most of the time we're playing a repeating schedule of lectures and sermons, with Christian music interspersed. However, we do have the following programs scheduled so that you can catch them easier:

We especially like to promote NZ musicians and speakers as much as we can, so let us know how you like them, and feel free to suggest others that we can contact. Or maybe you've written a song that glorifies God and we can use that?

You can contact Freely-Given FM Radio (Marton) by emailing us at FGonAir at or by texting us on 0210 222 3725.

Some of our NZ artists include:

Listed on The New Zealand Low Power FM Radio Station Network